Turn Old Fridge Into Extra Money & Energy Savings

Turn Old  Fridge Into Extra Money & Energy Savings


Hanging on to an old, outdated refrigerator costs you money through higher energy-usage. If you upgrade to an energy-efficient model, you can save that money and UniSource Energy Services will give you a $50 rebate check for having the old fridge picked up at your home for recycling.

This convenient and free service from UES benefits customers on many levels, and there is no work involved beyond scheduling an appointment.

Call 1-855-559-2524 or visit uesaz.com/recycle to schedule a convenient time for a crew to visit your home and haul away a working, old refrigerator or freezer for recycling at no cost to you.  A rebate check for $50 will be mailed within six weeks. Meanwhile, instead of costing you money, your old refrigerator or freezer will be converted into recyclable materials by JACO Environmental.