Christmas Cash!

It’s that time of the year again. Find out more information about My Radio Central’s Christmas Cash and locations.
Christmas Cash Information
Contact Radio Central to enter (928) 855-9336

Wednesday Trivia

Category ANIMALS
Where do flies go in the winter? Do they die, fly to warmer climates or hibernate?
ANSWER = HIBERNATE, in dry and warm spaces like home attics

Tuesday Trivia

What two bones run from the elbow down to the wrist?

Monday Trivia

Category – GEOGRAPHY
What’s the name for the chain of islands located between the Straits of Florida and Florida Bay?

Christmas Tree Lane!

Be a part of this year’s Christmas tree lane home display Tour! Register your address so the entire community can drive past to admire your Christmas display and say “Thank you” for the time and effort you spent decorating your home.

Registration Deadline is Monday, December 7th. Name, addresses, also a map will be published in the local newspaper, the White Sheet, KJJJ, KNTR Talk, KVYL and KNTR Sports websites on or before Sunday, December 13th. Decorations must be displayed December 13 – December 31, 2014. Contact Radio Central for more details at 928-855-9336.

Click Here To Access PDF Form to print!

Friday Trivia

Category – Animals.
There are more species of insects than all other animals, but there are more species of this insect than any other — almost half of all insects are what kind?

Thursday Trivia

Category – History.
What 15th century person was captured by the Burgundians, sold to the English, put on trial on charges of insubordination and heresy, and burned at the stake???

Sand-Water RV Expo – this weekend!


The Sand-Water-RV Expo is back this weekend and better than ever. Join us this Friday evening at Lake Havasu State Park Windsor 4 for an Expo Western Hoe-Down party and concert sponsored by KJJJ radio with happy hour, BBQ dinner and a live concert by Havasu’s favorite country-western music-makers, Sidewynder River Rattler band. Happy hour cocktails and beer start at 4:30pm, dinner at 5:30 catered by Pirates Den Resort, and a long play-list of country classics at 6:15. Tickets sold at the gate. Sidewynder River Rattler, this Friday night, Havasu State Park. Keep listening to KJJJ FM country this week for a chance to win free Expo admission passes.